Please use our Help menu to assist in the use of this website. If something is unclear please e-mail us indicating the source of the problem. By doing this we can modify the site so that others will not encounter the same difficulty. If you want to send an e-mail message go to the Contact Us page.

  • How do I contact MathCamp?
    Go to the Contact Us page.

  • What is the Classroom Library?
    The Classroom Library is a collection of documents and investigations that you can download to print and use with your students. Each document has been developed and/or approved by us for your use. Each document contains information on use and objectives.

  • How do I search for documents?
    There are many ways that you can search the Classroom Library for documents that you can use in the classroom.To view documents in a particular grade level (such as Elementary or High School) click on the appropriate link in the left navigation bar.To do a search for something in particular, click on "Advanced Search" in the left navigation bar. This opens MathCamp's Advanced Search page. To search for documents meeting your requirements, click on the appropriate boxes that define your interest and then click the Search button.In addition you can do a keyword search. Entering a word will list all the documents that use that name in either its title, short description, or long description.This is a quick way for you to find an document you used in the past or during our training.

  • How do I download documents?
    Once you have done your search you can examine the results, read the description and see the various formats available to you. The default file format for all documents is Microsoft Word. Clicking on the Microsoft Word icon () will begin the download process. Once the file has finished downloading, you can open it, print it, or modify it for your needs.

  • Can I submit a new version of a document?
    As you use many of these documents you will probably customize them for a special purpose or for another grade level. These may very well help other teachers facing similar needs as you. We would appreciate seeing any modifications that improve the use of the Classroom Library. For those of you that submit new versions we will place your name as an author and site your school for reference. You can submit these revisions to us via an e-mail attachment.

  • How do I join MathCamp?
    Any teacher or administrator attending MathCamp will automatically be given an ID (your handle) and a password. This gives you access to everything on our website. If you have attended any of our training sessions then you are enrolled in MathCamp. In addition, some school districts have contracted MathCamp which may give you access as well.If you would like more information about us and our upcoming schedule of training please use send us an e-mail from the Contact Us page requesting information.

  • I forgot my password. Help me!
    It is possible that you might forget your password. If so, follow the "Forgot your password?" link on the home page. Enter your handle, and you will receive a brief e-mail containing your password reminder. This is not your password, but merely something to jog your memory. If you still can't remember your password, please send us an e-mail.

  • What's a ZIP file and what do I do with it?
    ZIP files are "archives" used for distributing and storing files. ZIP files contain one or more files. Usually the files "archived" in a ZIP are compressed to save space. ZIP files make it easy to group files and make transporting and copying these files faster.MathCamp uses ZIP files to allow you to download all versions of an activity (document) in one fell swoop. Meaning that if you download the ZIP version of an activity, then you are automatically getting every other available version of the activity. However, you must take an extra step. ZIP files are "archives" and therefore you must get the files out of the archive. To do so, you will need an un-zipping program, such as WinZip. If you are still having problems with ZIP files, don't hesitate to ask us.


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